Pygmalion & Raphaël Pichon

Le Fil d’Ariane
Thursday 21 April - 20h30
Aix-en-Provence cathedral
Édition 2022
Caroline Doutre
Caroline Doutre

Raphaël Pichon is such a regular Easter Festival guest that when he comes to Aix, it feels like he is playing a match at home!

Ever since his first visit in 2014, the conductor has continued to conquer the hearts of audiences at Aix, alternating opera productions and symphonic concerts.
His widely acclaimed discography, in France and on the international stage, focuses on Bach, Mozart, Rameau and Gluck, revisited with an expert blend of precision and imagination. He is passionate about choir singing and sacred music, and will take his choir to the banks of the medieval polyphony of Ockeghem (including the formidable Deo Gratia sung by 36 soloists) and to the heart of the murky passions of Wagner’s Mort d’Isolde, not to mention taking a welcome detour by two rarely played pieces from Bach and Brahms.

Pygmalion, choir
Raphaël Pichon, conductor

Le Fil d’Ariane
Choir music from the Renaissance to Today Works by Ockeghem, Ligeti , Bach, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Strauss, Schönberg…

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