Le CIC, partenaire fondateur


The 2022 edition of the Easter Festival brings together the best of classical music for the pleasure of music-lovers everywhere, in Provence, a region that is more connected than ever.

This year’s edition follows on from the 2021 Festival, that could never have taken place were it not for the determination and enthusiasm of Renaud Capuçon, Dominique Bluzet and their teams. Thanks to them, the festival managed to reinvent itself, leaping into the digital realm, where distances (and viruses) no longer matter! With the cooperation and support of its founding partner, the CIC, the Easter Festival 2021 retained its place as one of classical music’s most important events internationally. Everyone involved put their intelligence, skill and goodwill to work to organise the first ever free and fully digital 2021 Easter Festival!

The 2022 edition is a kind of rebirth, filled with emotion and surprises. Above all, it comes with a new, hybrid format, that blends the unparalleled pleasure of attending live music events in the Festival’s iconic venues with the chance to experience the events online. With five free concerts in all of Provence, the Festival extends its boundaries. The CIC is very attached to the human values of solidarity and proximity, and it has made classical music one of the focal points of its sponsorship programme. Music travels through time, brings generations together and creates lasting connections. This corresponds perfectly with the underlying mission and purpose of the CIC.

We hope that this long-awaited edition will bring moments of enthusiasm, sharing, and true emotion to everyone, from loyal spectators to newcomers, music-lovers to novices, whether you are physically present or watching remotely.

Nicolas Théry, Président du CIC
Daniel Baal, Directeur général du CIC