Le Chat du Rabbin

Joann Sfar, Marc-Olivier Dupin
Saturday 30 March - 18h00
Conservatoire Darius Milhaud

Following on from 2023’s larger-than-life “Monsieur Crocodile”, Marc-Olivier Dupin and Joann Sfar are back at this year’s Easter Festival with “The Rabbi’s Cat”.

And not just any cat… This cat is philosophical, chatty and… madly in love! A word of warning though, sometimes he does get his claws out! Based on the hugely successful comic book series that comprises 11 volumes and has been translated into 12 languages, “The Rabbi’s Cat” by Joann Sfar has now been adapted into a mischievous musical by Sfar in tandem with composer Marc-Olivier Dupin. The show allows audiences to learn more about Sephardic Jewish culture or how to recognise the various instruments in an orchestra, by following the epic adventures of a kitty in love with both metaphysics and with Zlabya, the rabbi’s beautiful daughter.

Marc-Olivier Dupin, original music and conductor

Benoît Marchand, narrator

Hélène Giraud, flute
Myriam Carrier, clarinet
Agnès Vesterman, cello
Afaf Robilliard, bass
Anthony Millet, accordion
Jérôme Guicherd, percussion

Laurent Sarazin, audiovisual adaptation and distribution of images

musical tale
Le Chat du Rabbin
After Joann Sfar cartoon - Éditions Dargaud
Original music by Marc-Olivier Dupin
Text by Joann Sfar with the projection of illustrations of Joann Sfar

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